Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Week

Well it was a week ago that I was still pregnant and starting to get contractions!  I can't believe that Calvin has been here almost a whole week.  He has been such a good baby so far.  Maybe its because we are second time parents or maybe because my mom is still here helping, but it just seems a little easier this time around.

Calvin is a good eater and he is sleeping really well, even at night!  I guess it is hard to even compare him to Emmett cause they are so different, but sometimes I see him sitting in his little chair all wrapped up and wearing the same outfit Emmett use to wear and I get flash backs of when Emmett was a newborn.  It just makes me realize how quickly time flies by and how I have to savor every single moment I get with both of my little guys.

 Calvin looks so much like Emmett did in this chair!
 Dada Loving Calvin
 Emmett wakes up so early that he struggles through the day!
 Playing play-doh
 When Emmett saw me wearing Calvin he asked, "how did Calvin get back in your belly?"
Serious face hahaha


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