Monday, October 3, 2016

Baby Calvin Has Arrived

Calvin Carl Torrens was born at 12:51 am on Friday Sept 30th!  I was 40 weeks and 4 days over my due date.  I started to wonder if I would ever have this baby.  On Thursday around 1130am I felt a contraction!  I had been walking around all morning and drinking raspberry tea (supposedly that can help with labor).  My mom was already at my house and had been for quite awhile (days/weeks) since we were thinking I might have the baby early, but obviously didn't hahaha.

Once I had that first contraction I notified my dad and Grant that it could be happening that day.  Grant came home around 2pm and my dad got to my house that afternoon.  By the afternoon I was having contractions that were about 15 minutes apart but they weren't very strong.  So I was walking around more and more to get everything going.  Around 830pm I was having stronger contractions that were around 8 minutes apart, in hindsight this is probably when I should have headed to the hospital, but my thinking was that these could go on and on for hours and I didn't want to be stuck in the hospital.  So I decided to take a nap, and as soon as I lay down I had 3 really strong contractions that were only 6 minutes apart.  So I told Grant and my mom now is the time we have to go.  By the time I got in the car the contractions were so strong I was having a hard time sitting/walking.  When we got in the hospital and they were checking me to see if they would admit me I was in so much pain with the contractions that I could no longer walk, they had to roll me on the gurney from the check in room to the main room.  

We got to the hospital at 1030pm and by the time I was in the main room I was already transitioning and shaking I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to get the epidural in time.  They still had to get a bag of fluid in me and they had to do the epidural, I was screaming hurry hurry.  At 11:45 they got the epidural going and immediately my water broke on its own!  As soon as that happened they said they saw some baby poop in the fluid so they had the nicu team come in while I delivered in case there was something wrong with the baby.  At 12:30 the nurse said you are 9.5 dilated and we will be pushing soon, I was shocked at how fast everything was happening.  The epidural wasn't even really working yet because I was still feeling everything, it barely took the edge off the pain.  After about 3 extremely painful pushes Calvin was born!  I do have to say it was so painful I was actually screaming!  I thought that kind of thing was only in the movies, but there was no controlling it LOL.

 This was my Dr. through my whole pregnancy but he didn't deliver Calvin because Calvin came so fast.

 Calvin weighed 8.3 same exact weight as Emmett did! 20.5 Long

After Calvin was born I still had to get stitches and my placenta was stuck as well sooo the pain wasn't over.  After everything was done the epidural really kicked in! Yay just a little too late and of course when this happened I couldn't walk because my legs were numb so yet again I had to be pushed on a gurney to the next room.  After all of that pain I can still say it was all worth it!  We left the hospital Friday night at 7pm.  Grant and I really didn't want to stay another day, since we had Emmett at home to get back to.
 Emmett was very happy to have us home and also a little leery about Calvin.

 My big baby! I missed him so much and I know he was worried about where we were.

 I just love these little guys!
The next day my dad came by to meet Calvin.  I was sleeping so I didn't even get to see him!
We have now been home 3 days and have already had 3 routine Dr. appointments for Calvin.  Tomorrow Grant goes back to work and luckily my mom will still be here to help me because Emmett has started to act out a little which we had expected.  Over time we will all adjust =)


Robert Irwin said...

Congrats all and thanks Shannon for this story. Very well done and much appreciated.

beeswax said...

Such a wonderful experience, thank you both for letting me be a part of the miracle of childbirth. I love you all. Mom

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