Tuesday, October 11, 2016

First Day Alone

Today (written yesterday) is my first full day alone with both kids!
I have decided to stay home hahaha because I am not sure if I could juggle both kids on an outing yet.  Calvin is 10 days old today and so far he is a very relaxed baby who likes to nurse a lot.  I actually forgot how much time nursing takes up!  It feels like an all day activity.

As usual Grant and Emmett were up at 5:45 am.  I got up when Grant was leaving for work at 6:30am.  We had oatmeal for breakfast and watched some cartoons to start the day.

Around 10am we went on a bike ride around our complex and came back for Emmett to play with some play-doh.  I don't know if Emmett is just not old enough for play-doh to really play with it, but it drives me nuts, we get it out set it up and not 2 minutes later he says I am done!  Then we have to clean it all up. After all that we played bubbles in the backyard.

11:30 We had lunch, Emmett ate so much food, the hunger strike must be over now =), he had a whole sandwich and a cheese stick and right after he announced it was time for his nap!  I swear this kid does best when we stay home on a schedule.
Emmett loves to pretend he is a ghost and hide..hmmm where could he be?

The afternoon seemed to drag on and on, but thankfully Grant was home by 4pm and I told them, GO OUTSIDE AND RUN AROUND!  They kicked the ball and went for a walk and played in the dirt/ mud with the diggers.

Again Emmett ate a lot for dinner, hooray!  Around 7pm we talked to Nana Jo on skype and then it was bed time for Emmett.  I spent the rest of my night feeding Calvin hahaha.  Everyone is asleep by 10pm.  Now we are ready to repeat tomorrow =)


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