Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pictures From My Phone

Here are some pictures from my phone from the first week and a half after Calvin was born.
We have been having lots of fun at home, playing and getting adjusted.

Here is Emmett being BOSSY!  He is telling me that I can't talk on the phone cause he is trying to watch his show.  Well excuse me!

 New hair cut. He does like it, but is very serious in this after photo.
 I feel like Grant and Calvin look so much alike in this photo.  They have a similar eye shape and mouth.  It will be interesting as he gets older to see his look evolve and change.

Emmett and Calvin each have their own look, but there are moments where I call Calvin Emmett because they remind me of each other so much.  Especially when they are sitting in the little baby seat bouncing around, I look over and have a flash back of when Emmett was first born.  Time really does go fast when you have kids.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Keep 'em coming. Love ya'...DAD

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