Sunday, December 4, 2016


Yesterday my cousin Grant got married to Morgan.  It turned out to be a beautiful warm clear day.  So warm that we all dressed for cool weather and ended up sweating hahaha.  Its hard to get the weather right in CA, as soon as you think its going to stay cool it will get really hot again.

The wedding was beautiful and I wish them the best for their marriage.  They also did the gender reveal for their baby that is on the way...its a BOY!  Grant is the youngest cousin and I am the oldest and now we are all married and have our own families.  Which mostly makes me feel very old hahaha.  The reception was at El Torito restaurant.  The food was great and it was fun to see all of our family together having a good time.

After the whole event we went to Zoomars to see the animals and the train station.  Emmett loves watching the big train come through.  He was screaming to everyone, THE TRAIN IS COMING WATCH OUT!  So funny.


 The gender reveal. Its a Boy!

 The Cake table.

Calvin has crazy eyes. LOL

Below we are at Zoomars.

 Emmett is the most serious of kids, when it comes to rides and having fun haha.

We had a really fun day!


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