Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas 2017

We went up to my parent's house the day before Christmas Eve for a neighborhood party.  That night was the most beautiful sunset, maybe ever?   Anyways we really enjoyed it!

 Everyone started to arrive around 6pm for drinks and snacks!

 On Christmas Eve morning our good friend did a photo shoot of the kids.  It is so hard to get a good photo of a child crying and in constant motion!  She is so talented because every time we get a beautiful photo of the kids.

 This is what was really going on!  So CRAZY!!!

Christmas Eve night my mom and I went for a drive up the street to see an awesome house!
 They win for the best decorations!

That night we had a special operation, while the kids slept we converted the old bike for Calvin and got them ready for the morning.

 Christmas morning was like a tornado of wrapping paper as the kids ripped through everything!
Everyone was very happy after they got all the presents opened.

 Here is my only attempt at getting a photo of the kids by the tree!

 It didn't work!

 Then Santa came to visit on the Fire Truck.

When all the celebrating was over we headed home Christmas night and man was it nice to relax.

It took me the next 2 days to get everything back in order and my house is still a mess.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Finally Cooling Down in CA

We finally had a cool day!  I know everyone thinks its crazy to complain about warm weather, but its really hard to wear sweaters, coats and boots when its 80 degrees out.

Yesterday we visited my Grandpa and we made Christmas cards for Emmett's teachers.
I can't believe Christmas is this weekend! Only 3 days left!  We have been having so much fun doing the count down, I bet no one will be able to sleep on Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Knott's Berry Farm

Last Christmas we got year passes to Knott's Berry Farm as a gift.  We had a lot of fun trips throughout the year, but at the end of this month our passes expire.  So we took one last trip to enjoy Knott's with all the Christmas decorations.  This is such a fun theme park and there is a lot for little kids to do there.  We are going to wait till Calvin is a little older before we get passes again.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Awesome Christmas Lights in the OC

When I cleaned the house today I realized how quick and easy it is now that we have been minimizing our junk.  It now takes about 20 to 30 minutes to clean the whole house.

Everyone was very excited that Grandma came over today because she has been sick (just like all of us) and we haven't seen here in over a week!  She brought us a lot of ornaments that she is no longer going to use.  I was excited about this because they are all really nice ones that I actually like seeing on the tree. 

Below are my favorite ornaments from when I was a kid!
For a Christmas gift my parents got us a real wreath!  It is the best gift because it smells so good and really makes the house look great.  I love that we can enjoy it for the holidays, but we don't have to store it all year long.

After dinner we went on a hunt for good Christmas lights.  We found 3 really awesome neighborhoods that are in our town.  Calvin stayed home with Grandma, but Emmett stayed up past bed time to enjoy the night. 

If you want to see these houses this is where we went.
Red Hill Avenue & Olwyn Drive
2351 Caper Tree Drive
1151 Windsor Lane

I found this information on this blog post.

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