Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Last weekend it was so hot that we were able to go swimming.  I think its the beginning of the heat, but who knows we will probably still get some cool days.
This was the first time Calvin was able to swim in the big pool.  Just as I guessed he loved it.  He has always loved the bath so really this was like a huge bath for him.  Being in the sun for just a short time has made me realize he will tan easily.  Emmett is the type of kid you have to really watch in the sun cause he is so white, but I can tell Calvin is going to be able to get tan.  Regardless we will always use sun block and have them covered up.

We spent quite a bit of time splashing around and having fun.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day today!  We were up at 545am so we decided to head to breakfast early.  We went to Coco's right when they opened.  I think we were there at 7am and guess what there were other people in there too!  We had a delicious breakfast and we were done and home be 830am haha.  
The good thing about eating super early is your kids can make a lot of noise and no one cares because there is no one in the restaurant.

Emmett, Calvin and Dada all made me a really cute card and we spent the rest of the day playing at home.  I did go grocery shopping while Grant watched the kids. Its so much easier to shop without kids!  I just made sure I got a special treat for Emmett because he really wanted to go with me.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beach Day

Yesterday we went to Newport Beach and had lunch and walked around.  We took the ferry over to Balboa Island and walked around and had an ice cream.  A huge highlight for Emmett was the construction that was being done on one of the streets.  They were pouring concrete so he was super excited to see that.  After all the walking we headed to the light house park so Emmett could run wild and have more fun.

 After breaking this stroller we bought a replacement at full price.  That is how much we like it!  A few days ago I was looking on the App Offer Up and I saw someone was selling a second hand one for $20.  so I jumped on it and now each boy has their own!  I can't believe I have been buying brand new stuff when its so easy to find great kid stuff used.

Grant has been doing some extra projects on the weekends, here he is showing me what he has to wear for today's grinding project.  I guess its going to be messy!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pool Party!

We had a pool party, with the kiddie pool yesterday.  The boys loved splashing around and playing with the water toys.  Pretty soon the big pool will be warm enough for us to swim in.

We are so white I am sure they see us from outer space hahaha.  We need to wear lots of sunblock this summer!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Calvin is 7 Months Old

Well another month has flown by!  Calvin is now 7 months.  He does all of the stuff a typical 7 month old does.
  • He loves to army crawl
  • He eats real food (baby puree)
  • He laughs all the time 
  • He has 2 bottom teeth and working on the top teeth
  • We have put up the gate in our house since he can get Emmett's tiny toys
  • He sleeps through the night and wakes around 645am very hungry
  • He loves taking baths and splashing around
  • He can sit on his own really well now 


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sitting and Crawling

Calvin is so close to crawling!  He now sits on his own, but when he sees a toy he wants he lunges for it going onto his stomach and reaching and worming towards it.  If we put him up on his knees he will rock back and forth.  I am already getting mentally prepared for when he takes off.  I have all of the gates on stand by hahaha.  Safety first is my policy! 

We sold our retro 1950's red dining table.  I was so sad to see it go, but it didn't make sense trying to cram 5 or more people at that table.  I sold the table on offer up, it went within a few hours of being posted.  After trying a lot of different ways to sell it I finally tried that app and I was shocked it worked.  I was ready to just give it to the good will which I really didn't want to do.  

We now have a new table from Ikea.  Of course this table isn't funky and cool, but its practical and now we can all sit and eat together without being cramped.  Plus its pretty and light colored so it really lightens up our kitchen.  It is taking me forever to make the chairs.  I decided that we had to cover the material seats with vinyl so we could wipe them off.  I have 3 seats made and today I will make the next 3! 

We are starting a new preschool for Emmett that is closer to our house.  We are starting with the mommy and me program and if all goes well next year he can do the preschool without me there.  We went for our first day yesterday and I had no idea I couldn't bring Calvin with us! So we are going to have to find someone to watch him and start next week.  Yesterday it felt like everything went wrong, but today we are moving forward with a new and hopefully better day =)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Park Time

Last week we met our friends at the park.  It was such a nice day!  Emmett loved running around and playing on all the different play grounds.

 The sea saw/ teater toter was a big hit.  They make them much safer now days.

 Calvin had fun rolling around.

 Here is Calvin's cute outfit from John and Aunt Dede.  It fits him perfect right now so I have him wearing it as much as possible.
The boys!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

We had Easter at our house this year.  In the morning the kids got up and we had a small 3 egg hunt to the baskets. Emmett loved getting his Easter stuff.  Calvin of course had no idea what was happening, but he still got stuff from the Easter bunny.  Around noon all the fun started.  Everyone arrived and the eating began hahha.  We had a egg hunt for the kids and this year they each got a specific color egg to hunt for.  Emmett was getting only the green eggs.  This was a great idea Lacey came up with, because that way you can hide the eggs a certain way for each age.  The one year old Charlotte had all her eggs on the grass and the older kids had their eggs hidden in trees.  Also we could stuff the eggs with what we wanted our kids to have.  It worked out great!

 Morning hair!

 Calvin's first Easter! 6.5 months old!

 This cake was awesome.  You take a store bought cake (that is plain or lemon or angel food) and you cut it in 3 layers then you mix cream cheese and lemon curd together whipped really well.  Then you spread the mixture on each layer and and put berries on the cream then stack it all together and do the same on the top.  It was soo good!

 The kids

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