Thursday, January 5, 2017

Calvin - 3 Months Old

Calvin is 3 months old! How is time moving so fast?  I feel like I was just pregnant! 
He is doing great in my book.  He has just slipped right into our family like he was always meant to be here.  He wakes up when we all do and he goes to sleep when Emmett does, its like he just picked up on our schedule and said ok sounds good.

We all call him the smiley guy because if you look at him and make eye contact he will usually give you a big smile!

He has just recently started sleeping through the night (once in a while waking up once to eat).
He rolled over for the first time yesterday from his stomach to his back!

He has such a calm personality, he only cries for 3 things; hungry, tired, or wants to be entertained.


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