Monday, January 23, 2017


For the last 10 days we have had Grant's dad Dave and his partner Teresa visiting with us.  It was hard to say goodbye when they left last night because we had such a great time and we will really miss them.  Grant loved being able to visit with his dad and catch up and we really enjoyed having them here.  The time flew by, it feels like they just got here.  Emmett said "it was the most fun!"

We did a few day trips around locally, but best of all was just catching up and letting them spend time with the kids.  We went to San Juan Capistrano, Irvine zoo, Orange circle, La Verne, and they took a few trips down to the beach.  They brought the Auckland rain with them, it rained about half the time they were here!

 They arrived in the rain!

 A special gift from Grandad to Emmett.  He made this roadster from wood for Emmett.

 Mission San Juan Capistrano

 Irvine Zoo
 Grandad and Teresa took Emmett on a train ride.

 On Dave's birthday we walked around the Orange Circle and we went out to dinner to Famous Dave's BBQ

 The best part was having Dave and Teresa see how we live and having them share in our daily routine.  Grandad read books to Emmett at night.

 This was right before the bus came to get them.  Again it was pouring rain when they left.


beeswax said...

That was such a nice blog about them visiting. So happy that you all got to reunite and spend quality time together.
They are special people.
Love, MOM

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