Monday, February 27, 2017

Emmett's Birthday Week

Emmett has had a solid week of birthday celebration.  This last Saturday we had a small family gathering to have cake and let him play with his cousins.  He loves going wild with all the kids.  We originally had the gathering scheduled for the week before his birthday, but he got sick and I didn't want to spread the germs!  So we rescheduled and luckily it worked out even better because it didn't rain!  We had rain Thursday and Friday then Saturday, no rain, then Sunday Rain.  Imagine what good luck.

So here are all the pictures!
 Morning Breakfast.
 Ready for the party!

 Pin the hat on the minion.
 We also played musical chairs.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Emmett is 3!

This Tuesday Emmett turned 3 years old!  I know everyone says this, but I can't believe we have a 3 year old.  Any time I start to get sad that he is getting older and no longer a little baby I just think about how much more fun each year has been.  Last year he didn't really understand the whole cake and birthday present part of the birthday.  At this age we were able to look forward to his birthday and he was super excited that it was his special day.  He loved every gift that he got, saying thank you so much and this is awesome (these were his actual words haha).

Emmett at 3
  • He loves to talk haha.  He has a great vocabulary and he likes to use it!  Every moment of everyday is filled with chitter chatter.  He talks in complete sentences and when he is not talking he is normally making sound effects for his toys.
  • He loves to play with toys.  He is a toy kid.  He loves to sit and play with cars, little people, lego, fire trucks and much more.  We try to get him outside to ride his bike or his new scooter and after about 5 minutes he says lets go back inside.
  • He loves to play with friends.  His favorite kids are Dean and Hazel.  He talks about them all the time and he loves to go visit them.
  • He does not like to be told what to do, but on the same note he loves to help out in the kitchen and will take direction pretty well most of the time.
  • He does not do well when he is tired.  He has always been an excellent sleeper through the night and at nap time, but just recently he has had trouble with waking in the night.  Some of the time he is having night terrors and other times he is talking/ screaming in his sleep.  Fingers crossed for the last 3 nights he has been so much better and that has greatly improved his attitude during the day.
  • He is a great big brother.  He always says "good morning Calvin" and he says " I love my big brother" haha he calls Calvin the big brother (it can get confusing for a little guy)
  • He prefers comfy clothes
  • He is still a picky eater/ doesn't eat much
  • He still loves Mickey Mouse and a lot of other shows
  • He is a lovey dovey little guy! 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Around the House

Here are some photos of us just hanging around the house.

 My 2 big blue eyed boys!

 The cute pants that Teresa and Grandad got Calvin.
Watching the current favorite show, Mickey and the Roadster Racers.
 Last weekend we went to the lake and walked around using our new double stroller.
 Calvin is a big boy now sitting in his high chair.
 Emmett got a hair cut just in time for his birthday in a few days.
 Here he is modeling his Valentines glasses he got from a friend at class.
Emmett is currently getting over a cold so we have had to postpone his tiny family party to next weekend =(   I think Grant and I are more disappointed than he is hahaha.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Charlotte's First Birthday Party

Last weekend was Charlotte's first birthday.  It's so hard to believe that she is already one, it feels like she was just born and we were visiting Kristen in the hospital.  Charlotte is such a cute little girl and so happy all the time, at least every time I see her.

Emmett had the best time on their play center in the backyard.  He would not get off the swings haha.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day.  Emmett had his weekly class on Valentine's Day, so we had a pot luck there and everyone gave each other Valentines cards.  Of course I didn't read the calendar till about 30 minutes before the class, so we had to rush to make the cards and come up with something in 10 minutes time to take to the class with us!  Talk about unprepared hhahaha.

After the class Emmett and I went to the store and got some goodies for Grandma and Papa and Grant.  It was fun for him to be involved with the shopping and gift giving.
Grant and I just stayed home for V day and didn't really do anything haha.  We watched the news and laughed at all the craziness that is going on with the Trump administration.  Talk about free entertainment!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Rolling Along

We are just rolling along, a lot of the days around here feel the same haha.  I end a day thinking wow that was just like yesterday.  I guess what I am getting at is its hard to do things with little kids.  Right now Emmett is going through a stage where he wants to do everything himself because he knows best.  He doesn't want anyone telling him what to do and on top of that he wants to tell you what to do hahaha.  This would be funny if it wasn't so freaking annoying.  

I will make deals with him when we are going somewhere and sometimes it works.  For instance if we go shopping I will tell him if you are really good and stay in the cart the whole time I will give you a treat when we get home.  Once in a while this will actually work, but a lot of the time he will insist to get down which will end in a screaming match with everyone crying.
Just yesterday at the super bowl party, Grant tried to hug/ pick him up and he didn't want that so he threw his hands back (he was holding some toys) and the metal jet he was holding slammed into the outer corner of Grant's eye making him bleed.  I said thank goodness it didn't take your eye out.  I keep telling myself, this is just a stage, we will get through this.  I just hope this stage passes quickly because its testing our patience.

 Today its raining!  Its good we are getting rain, but I also don't know what to do because we are stuck inside.

 Here is a pic of me and a pic of Calvin at 4 months.  We look a lot alike.  I will have to find more pictures.
 When Emmett wakes up from napping its the worst.  I feel like leaving ahahhaha.  He will scream and fight with everything for about 15 minutes to an hour long.  This is a perfect example of him laying on the floor screaming and yelling at everyone.

 Smiley guy!
Here is one activity we do.  Line up the cars.
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