Friday, March 31, 2017

March Recap

I didn't post very much in March so here is a little recap of what I didn't share.

 Sleeping babies
 Boys playing
 Going to the park to play

Candice's Bridal Shower!

 Creepy hahha

 The bride.

 Emmett's friend Quinn's birthday party.

 Private swim Lessons.  He now does a swim lesson with the instructor and one other little girl.  So far its going great.
 Visiting Great grandpa every week.

 Jumping on dada
 matching pjs
 Making faces
 Playing in the front yard
 Emmett's first time to the dentist
Tongue out!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Calvin is 6 Months Old

I am shocked at how fast 6 months has gone by!  I feel like I just had Calvin, but I guess he is already 1/2 a year old.  I don't know why but having 2 kids makes time go by so much faster than when I only had one.  I was watching videos today of when Emmett was 6 months old and of course he got soo much attention compared to what Calvin gets, but I guess Calvin will be getting the attention from his older brother too.  I am thinking this is why people have always said, oh we can tell who is an older sibling or a younger one, its probably because the more kids in the house the less time you have to really focus on each kid.

Anyhow just like I was expecting Calvin got his first tooth today on his 6 month anniversary.
For weeks he has been drooling and chewing on things and then this morning I felt his gums and there was a bottom tooth beginning to poke out.  Besides the pain of the tooth coming in Calvin is still such a happy easy going baby.  He eats when he is hungry and sleeps when he is tired and its all pretty simple with him.  If he does cry usually is easy to figure out what is wrong.

He is eating tons of food! He eats cereal, carrots, yam, peas, apple, pear, green beans, banana, and milk.  I have even given him some baby puffs and he was able to gum them down.  When we eat he grabs for our food and after having a bottle he will scream to eat real food.  I didn't expect this at 6 months, since Emmett was slower to start eating, but I think its best to go with your gut and let him eat rather than follow strict ages on feeding.

He is sleeping through the night still, usually going to sleep around 7pm and getting up with everyone else in the house at around 630 am.  I don't have him on any kind of schedule, but he does follow the same pattern almost everyday, taking naps around 9am and noon and 4pm and bed at 7 to 8pm.  We are starting to enter the fun stage where Calvin will laugh at everything and roll all over the floor for toys and play peek a boo. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bath Time

Lately I have found it is so easy to bathe the boys together.  I have been doing this since Calvin was about 3 months old.  I make the bath and Emmett gets in and on the other side I put Calvin in and wash him up, and take him out, and Emmett can stay in and play. The kids have a bath about every other night unless they get dirty then we have a bath that night too.  This is so much easier than having to get out Calvin's little tub and put that in the down stairs sink and bring everything down there.  Plus this way we are wasting less time and water.

The other night everything was going great as usual, Calvin was floating on his back and Emmett was playing.  I called down to my mom and said can you bring the camera I want to get some pictures of how cute they look in the tub together.


Emmett, for no reason at all, just fills up a huge bucket of water and dumps it right into Calvin's face.  Not over his head, but slammed right into his face, up his nose and mouth. 
(now I can laugh and say what was he thinking, but at the time I was like "what the Hell"?)
I was so mad I filled up at cup of water and splashed him in the face and said how do you like it.
In hind sight, maybe that wasn't the way to go, but he definitely didn't like it and saw how it felt.

Sometimes I just wonder what kids are thinking!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Catch Up

So much has been going on and I keep forgetting to post about it.  We have been going to class every Tuesday for Emmett and every Thursday or Friday we have been visiting my Grandpa.  We used a bunch of swim lessons these last 2 weeks and we signed Emmett up to private lessons.  He is getting pretty close to swimming and they said once they are 3 they don't really do the parent and me classes anymore.  So we will do 8 weeks of lessons and hopefully that will get him swimming.

Calvin has started eating!  He loves food.  He eats twice a day in the morning and before bed and drinks bottles throughout the day.  I was shocked at how much he eats, its about 4 oz of cereal and 2.5oz of puree twice a day.  He doesn't do that thing where he spits the food either, he just sees the spoon coming and opens up!  This is such a contrast to Emmett at that age so I guess that is why I am so shocked.

 My monsters!
 Sleeping boy!
 That sweet smile fools you!

 Those Eyes!

 My Little food lover!

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Kids say the funniest things.  This morning when Grant and I were eating breakfast Emmett was acting crazy (imagine that) and I was telling him to stop doing something (I can't remember what) and he slammed his head into my stomach and then started to try to bite me.  I screamed hahaha, which scared him, and I said " don't bite ever! How would you like it if I bit you?"  Emmett just looked at me and said " I would like it! Go ahead and bite me mama"  Grant started laughing and had to turn away so Emmett didn't see him laughing.  Of course I had to make a straight face and not laugh too, which is really really hard to do.  

Sometimes its really hard to keep a straight face, even when kids are being difficult because its so ridiculous its funny.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Sometimes when I should be doing something productive, I will look through some of my old blog posts.  I came across a funny one I thought I would share.  Its some pictures from when Grant and I were little.

Since I sat here looking through old posts instead of getting stuff done I have officially run out of time.  I can hear Calvin crying! It is almost impossible to get much done with 2 kids ha ha.
Here is a funny picture of Grant from 2010
(we are so creative hahahhaa)

Calvin is 5 Months Old

Calvin is officially 5 months old!  We are having more and more fun everyday with him.
  • He likes to smile and laugh a lot
  • He goes to sleep pretty easily
  • He drinks lots of milk and he loves rice cereal so far (he actually ate so much he threw up!)
  • He has started to sleep through the night
  • He rolls all over the place 
  • He loves to play with his toys and he loves to be entertained by Emmett
  • He is a happy cuddly little guy
  • He is still sleeping in our room at night in his pack n play and he is now napping in his room
  • He loves to make this noise it sounds like eh eh eh eh. At first Grant was like what is wrong with him and then we realized he is just talking to us.
  • When looking at Emmett when he was 5 months I saw a picture that made me remember how serious Emmett use to be as a baby.  It was difficult to get him to laugh.  I think Emmett takes after Grant with being serious, because even though everyone thinks Grant is such a jokster and easy Guy he is actually pretty serious most of the time.  Calvin could not be more different, he laughs and smiles at everything.  I am not saying one is better than the other, but just noticing the differences.

Now Emmett couldn't get any sillier!
Here is the link to when Emmett was 5 months old (very similar)
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