Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bath Time

Lately I have found it is so easy to bathe the boys together.  I have been doing this since Calvin was about 3 months old.  I make the bath and Emmett gets in and on the other side I put Calvin in and wash him up, and take him out, and Emmett can stay in and play. The kids have a bath about every other night unless they get dirty then we have a bath that night too.  This is so much easier than having to get out Calvin's little tub and put that in the down stairs sink and bring everything down there.  Plus this way we are wasting less time and water.

The other night everything was going great as usual, Calvin was floating on his back and Emmett was playing.  I called down to my mom and said can you bring the camera I want to get some pictures of how cute they look in the tub together.


Emmett, for no reason at all, just fills up a huge bucket of water and dumps it right into Calvin's face.  Not over his head, but slammed right into his face, up his nose and mouth. 
(now I can laugh and say what was he thinking, but at the time I was like "what the Hell"?)
I was so mad I filled up at cup of water and splashed him in the face and said how do you like it.
In hind sight, maybe that wasn't the way to go, but he definitely didn't like it and saw how it felt.

Sometimes I just wonder what kids are thinking!


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