Saturday, March 18, 2017

Catch Up

So much has been going on and I keep forgetting to post about it.  We have been going to class every Tuesday for Emmett and every Thursday or Friday we have been visiting my Grandpa.  We used a bunch of swim lessons these last 2 weeks and we signed Emmett up to private lessons.  He is getting pretty close to swimming and they said once they are 3 they don't really do the parent and me classes anymore.  So we will do 8 weeks of lessons and hopefully that will get him swimming.

Calvin has started eating!  He loves food.  He eats twice a day in the morning and before bed and drinks bottles throughout the day.  I was shocked at how much he eats, its about 4 oz of cereal and 2.5oz of puree twice a day.  He doesn't do that thing where he spits the food either, he just sees the spoon coming and opens up!  This is such a contrast to Emmett at that age so I guess that is why I am so shocked.

 My monsters!
 Sleeping boy!
 That sweet smile fools you!

 Those Eyes!

 My Little food lover!


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