Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

We had Easter at our house this year.  In the morning the kids got up and we had a small 3 egg hunt to the baskets. Emmett loved getting his Easter stuff.  Calvin of course had no idea what was happening, but he still got stuff from the Easter bunny.  Around noon all the fun started.  Everyone arrived and the eating began hahha.  We had a egg hunt for the kids and this year they each got a specific color egg to hunt for.  Emmett was getting only the green eggs.  This was a great idea Lacey came up with, because that way you can hide the eggs a certain way for each age.  The one year old Charlotte had all her eggs on the grass and the older kids had their eggs hidden in trees.  Also we could stuff the eggs with what we wanted our kids to have.  It worked out great!

 Morning hair!

 Calvin's first Easter! 6.5 months old!

 This cake was awesome.  You take a store bought cake (that is plain or lemon or angel food) and you cut it in 3 layers then you mix cream cheese and lemon curd together whipped really well.  Then you spread the mixture on each layer and and put berries on the cream then stack it all together and do the same on the top.  It was soo good!

 The kids


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