Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sitting and Crawling

Calvin is so close to crawling!  He now sits on his own, but when he sees a toy he wants he lunges for it going onto his stomach and reaching and worming towards it.  If we put him up on his knees he will rock back and forth.  I am already getting mentally prepared for when he takes off.  I have all of the gates on stand by hahaha.  Safety first is my policy! 

We sold our retro 1950's red dining table.  I was so sad to see it go, but it didn't make sense trying to cram 5 or more people at that table.  I sold the table on offer up, it went within a few hours of being posted.  After trying a lot of different ways to sell it I finally tried that app and I was shocked it worked.  I was ready to just give it to the good will which I really didn't want to do.  

We now have a new table from Ikea.  Of course this table isn't funky and cool, but its practical and now we can all sit and eat together without being cramped.  Plus its pretty and light colored so it really lightens up our kitchen.  It is taking me forever to make the chairs.  I decided that we had to cover the material seats with vinyl so we could wipe them off.  I have 3 seats made and today I will make the next 3! 

We are starting a new preschool for Emmett that is closer to our house.  We are starting with the mommy and me program and if all goes well next year he can do the preschool without me there.  We went for our first day yesterday and I had no idea I couldn't bring Calvin with us! So we are going to have to find someone to watch him and start next week.  Yesterday it felt like everything went wrong, but today we are moving forward with a new and hopefully better day =)


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