Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beach Day

Yesterday we went to Newport Beach and had lunch and walked around.  We took the ferry over to Balboa Island and walked around and had an ice cream.  A huge highlight for Emmett was the construction that was being done on one of the streets.  They were pouring concrete so he was super excited to see that.  After all the walking we headed to the light house park so Emmett could run wild and have more fun.

 After breaking this stroller we bought a replacement at full price.  That is how much we like it!  A few days ago I was looking on the App Offer Up and I saw someone was selling a second hand one for $20.  so I jumped on it and now each boy has their own!  I can't believe I have been buying brand new stuff when its so easy to find great kid stuff used.

Grant has been doing some extra projects on the weekends, here he is showing me what he has to wear for today's grinding project.  I guess its going to be messy!


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