Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day today!  We were up at 545am so we decided to head to breakfast early.  We went to Coco's right when they opened.  I think we were there at 7am and guess what there were other people in there too!  We had a delicious breakfast and we were done and home be 830am haha.  
The good thing about eating super early is your kids can make a lot of noise and no one cares because there is no one in the restaurant.

Emmett, Calvin and Dada all made me a really cute card and we spent the rest of the day playing at home.  I did go grocery shopping while Grant watched the kids. Its so much easier to shop without kids!  I just made sure I got a special treat for Emmett because he really wanted to go with me.


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