Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Around the House

In the last few days Calvin has started to get his top teeth and he is not happy about that!  He is in so much pain, and I feel really bad for him.  Luckily they are coming in fast so hopefully it will only be a few more days of this screaming and unhappiness.

The June gloom has really hit hard haha, everyday its overcast till about 3pm.  When the sun finally breaks through normally its too late to swim or do any summer activities, but I know by next month it will be really hot.

We having been doing small upgrades around the house.  As something breaks or goes out we replace it with something better.  The people who owned this house before us had installed all these weird lights that have bulbs that are impossible to find in the store.  SOO when the front door light went out we had to replace the whole fixture, but it looks much better now with the new light.  I plan to do the same thing in the back yard too.

Emmett has been saying some super funny things lately:
Early in the morning we hear the cookie monster doll singing old mc donald had a farm.  Emmett is laughing and Calvin is screaming.  Emmett comes in our room and says, "cookie monster woke up Calvin with a Moooooo!"  (more like you woke up Calvin with the doll LOL)

Time for a nap... I say, "shh you have to be quiet, talk quietly Calvin is sleeping."  Emmett screams, " I am not going to be quiet, I am talking loud!"

I need to remember to start taking more pictures, I now understand what so many people have told me about the second child, you just forget to take pictures.  With the first child you take pictures everyday of every thing they do and by the second child you can barely remember to take pictures of important things.

Well that's what is happening around here!


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