Thursday, June 1, 2017

Calvin is 8 Months Old

So much is changing so fast!  Calvin is already 8 months old and he is getting so big!
He has a lot of new tricks and it seems like he is learning more and more everyday.

On the day he turned 8 months he started getting his top 2 teeth, he learned how to push himself into a sitting position from the crawling position and he started eating big chunks of food.

He also started to do the pincer grasp.  We noticed he would gather a bunch of the cereal in one hand and then pick them out with the other hand!  Its crazy how fast its all going.
The best part is he has started to finish off Emmett's food.  There was a square of Emmett's sandwich left and I broke off little bits and he chewed them up and ate it with no problem.

We lowered the crib last night because I know he will soon be pulling himself into a standing position.

P.S. its just about impossible to get a good clear picture of these kids!


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