Monday, July 31, 2017

Calvin is 10 Months

Calvin is 10 months old!  He wants to walk so bad.  He crawls really really fast especially when he is trying to get to something before you do.  He likes to take off for the stairs or electrical cords!  The hard thing about having 2 kids where one is old enough to do a lot on his own is he will open gates and next thing you know Calvin is headed for the stairs.

We are having lots of fun this summer, on Calvin's 10 month anniversary we went to a park in Newport and we went to the beach.

He is doing so many new things this month.
He is pulling himself up to a standing position without using anything and balancing for a few seconds.
He is eating so much food.
The good thing is he has 6 teeth now so I can just chop up our food and he eats what we are eating.
He is overall a super happy easy going baby (unless Emmett is wrestling him).

 Looks like he is saying why?
 Emmett's face LMAO

 He doesn't like it when Emmett tries to beat him up.  But I don't worry because he is really strong and he seems to know how to wrestle back.
Oh yeah I forgot, he waves at everyone like he is in a parade and when we say goodbye to Dada every morning he says bye bye.
(also getting these pictures wasn't easy haha)


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